Patrick Hiebert

"Patrick Hiebert is the founder of MavenNFT Marketplace, a hard asset NFT marketplace, and Co-Founder of EcoVillages.Life, an eco-home and sustainable community design and marketing company. He is also the Founder of Vida Verde Agroforestry, a company focused on the sustainable combining of agriculture with forestry. Patrick has been designing eco-friendly and sustainable communities for several decades. After founding several high tech software companies and selling them, Patrick and his son Spencer, lived on a boat and sailed the ocean. It was here that they honed their craft of minimalist living, generating and conserving power and fresh water, and focusing on sustainable living. Always breaking new ground in minimalist, eco-sensible and sustainable community design and Agroforestry areas, Patrick used his deep understanding of technology to envision using non-fungible tokens (NFTs), for property purchases, sustainable farm production harvest rights, Bitcoin based communities benefitting the locals and much more!"

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Maven Marketplace


Payable with bitcoin only.
Los salvadoreños que compren una entrada con descuento deberán mostrar su DUI en la puerta.

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Last Minute until November 14


At the door on November 15


It‘s going up forever, Laura