Marina Spindler

Marina is a communications expert and business development advisor for blockchain and digital currency companies. She is a sought-after connector that brings together founders with strategic partners and investors. In 2016 she founded SPINDLER EDGE to bring clarity, structure and accountability to global ventures looking for a competitive edge. Currently she is working on Torogoz Dev, an educational program based in El Salvador that aims to train in the area of ​​Bitcoin and Lightning Network development, to give students the opportunity to opt for better job opportunities and have the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute value in the development of Bitcoin & Lightning on a national and international scale.

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Watch - ¿Desarrollar Bitcoin desde El Salvador?

¿Desarrollar Bitcoin desde El Salvador?


Payable with bitcoin only.
Los salvadoreños que compren una entrada con descuento deberán mostrar su DUI en la puerta.

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