JayDeLux is a repented actor of the traditional financial system in Luxembourg. He started his Bitcoin contribution journey by running the tech/innovation stream of LëtzBlock, the Luxembourg DLT association for a few years, he then realised that operating from Luxembourg would not be an option given the regulation constraints still existing in the country so he moved his operations to El Salvador with the Salva’bourg (contraction of “El Salvador” and “Luxembourg”) initiative. Salva’bourg is the bridge between the heart of Europe (Luxembourg) and the heart of the Americas that El Salvador has become. Salva’bourg unlocks the innovation and bilateral exchanges between Europe and Central America using bitcoin as corner stone. JayDeLux advocates and educates about online privacy and Free Open Source Software (FOSS).


Payable with bitcoin only.
Los salvadoreños que compren una entrada con descuento deberán mostrar su DUI en la puerta.

Ticket price schedule

Last Minute until November 14


At the door on November 15


It‘s going up forever, Laura