DJ Valerie B Love

DJ Valerie B Love - The Vibe Goddess is on a mission to multiply peace, love and prosperity for ALL by fusing the power of Bitcoin, the medicine of music, and unity of community. She teaches people how to develop a consistent daily peace & prosperity practice using meditation, movement, music, and writing using the 11x LOVE Practice she developed. Her big hairy audacious goal is to co-create a value for value, personal development community of 1 million mission-driven, heart-centered humans who rock their full potential daily and donate 11% of prosperity to charity.

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Listen - Bitcoin and Value for Value for Meditation Education

Bitcoin and Value for Value for Meditation Education


Payable with bitcoin only.
Los salvadoreños que compren una entrada con descuento deberán mostrar su DUI en la puerta.

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Last Minute until November 14


At the door on November 15


It‘s going up forever, Laura